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Shells- Other authors (Hetalia)

※Other Fleles:
Escimokordana (Hetalia: Hungary & England)- PreviewDownload
(Click on 【ハンガリー】for Hungary, and 【イギリス】 for England)

Pigro.Otodo (Hetalia: N. Italy & S.Italy)- Preview - Download
(Click on Shells > Downloads >

Shells- Nanzokr (Hetalia and Katekyou Hitman Reborn)

※[Nanzokr (Hetalia and Katekyou Hitman Reborn Shells)]
Main (Japanese)
Instructions on how to download Nanzokr's shells:
(I will only list the simple ones because there's some that are really complex and you need extra stuff to make them work and I still can't figure out myself. If you wanna give them a try and are really sure of what you are doing, then look around Nanzokr's  blog.)
(Use ctrl+f to find the links faster.)
-On the right side of the main page there's a list of links. Somewhere it should say "Flele" Click on it.
-(Hetalia) England: Click on ☆お好みのをどうぞ☆ (Click on either Igiigigi-ss [small size file] or Igiigigi [Normal one]. The other one is one of those "Complex" shells.)
-(Hetalia) Prussia: Click on 「」をダウンロード (I don't really know about the other links.)
-(KHR) Chrome Dokuro: Click on 「」をダウンロード
-(Hetalia) Japan in School Uniform: Click on 「」をダウンロード
               Japan in  Kimono: Click on 「」をダウンロード        
               Japan in WWII Uniform: Click on 「」をダウンロード
-(KHR) Hibari Kyouya version 1: Click on 「」をダウンロード 
             Hibari Kyouya version 2: Click on 「」をダウンロード

-(KHR)Tsuna (go Here): Click on 「」をダウンロード (This version includes that Orange coustme. The Link beneath doesn't.)
-(KHR) Mukuro Rokudo (go Here):  Click on 「」をダウンロード

Shells- De Poche (Vocaloid)

※[De Poche Shells (Vocaloid) ] 
Main (Japanese)
(Note: These are the new versions, they include Luca. I have the old version shells, so if you are interested wait a little bit, I will upload them later. I'm not sure yet though.)
Instructions on how to download the De Poche shells:
- The main shells are in a square that looks like this:

-There's also a few others at the bottom, but those are pairs [two shells in one]. Scroll down to where it says おまけ, click on it and the list will Appear
   -ドット絵シェル (Very tiny versions of the Vocaloids, but they come all stuck together),
   These ↓ are normal sized 
   -リン,レン (Kagamine Twins),
   -KAITO,ミク (Kaito and Miku),
   -ミク,ルカ (Miku and Luka),
   -KAITO,レン(Kaito and Len),
    -ミク,レン (Miku and Len),
    -リン,ミク (Rin and Miku),
    -MEIKO,ルカ (Meiko and Luka), 
    -KAITO,ルカ (Kaito and Luka).
- Further down there are more links with the colors to serve you as guides. But these ones are pairs too. For example: In the one that says ミク there's two Mikus (each sort of facing each other.) And so the other files are the same (Kaito, Len, Rin etc etc).

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                  Shimeji Desktop Buddy

                  This is some extra stuff, totally unrelated to Flele.
                  I recently found a really cute Desktop Mascot/Buddy called Shimeji, however, the shells/skins come differently, like, each is each own application.
                  As an example, here haagen-daz @, created a Denmark (from the anime Hetalia by Hidekaz Himaruya) one. So far it's the only one that works in my computer. I have been trying to figure out why.
                  If I find out later how to use it properly and find more skins I will post them up.

                  Update- Changed the name.

                  So, just decided on a better name which, obviously, is FleleMania, cuz, well, it is a mania I guess XD
                  But I have been finding other sort of desktop mascots, so I have been thinking whether I should make this a Desktop Mascot blog instead of a Flele-only one...

                  lunes, agosto 23, 2010

                  Tutorial: How to Use 2 or More Fleles at the Same Time.

                  -Go to the Flele site Here-Scroll down to where it says "Flele Second"
                  -Click and a download message for "Flele.nar" will appear, Save File.
                  -Open Flele so it will appear on the desktop
                  -From whatever folder you saved "Flele.nar", drag it to the the Flele.
                  -A message shall appear saying "waiting...". Another message will appear, asking "Will you want to install other directory?" Click Yes.
                  -A message will announce the installation was completed.
                  -Close Flele
                  -Go to your Flele folder and go to Ghost. You will notice that now there's a folder called "flele_aya_0". There's already some shells in that folder.

                  -Open Flele and Right-Click to bring out the large menu.
                  -Go to Call Ghost. There's a list with 2 fleles, one's already selected. Click on the one that ISN'T selected.

                  -Another Shell appears!
                  -If you want to close the second Flele Right-click it and click on "Close" (Not Quit or the other Flele will also disappear)
                  -To add shells to the second Flele do the same as with the First one, but this time, put the shells in the "flele_aya_0" folder.

                  Tutorial: How to Change/Add Shells

                  -Open Flele
                  -Right click the shell anywhere (or right click the icon on the system tray)

                  - A large Menu should appear.

                  -Go to Shell and a list will appear. The "Flele Miku Pack" came with additional Shells, choose any of the list and the Image will change into any you choose. (Between those there is the one called "Buttons" in case you don't want a any Character and just want a plain boring bar XD)
                  -Now, on to the fun stuff.
                  -Got to any Shell downloading site. In this case let's go to the site with the De Poche shells, Here.

                  NOTE: if you use these shells ^ (read up there) do NOT edit them without permission and make profit or claim these shells as your own. If you show them somewhere (Youtube, screenshot, etc etc), give credit and link to that site up there, we have to respect the original authors. And that about distributing, I think He/She means distribute edited versions of the shells, or distributing the original shells from some other source other than the original site).

                  -For this tutorial I will choose Len (Cuz he's awesome XD)
                  -It's a .Zip file so just extract the folder that's inside called "Poche_Len"
                  -Now go to your Flele folder. Go to Ghost>Flele_aya>Shell
                  -Copy the "Poche_Len" folder (or whatever shell you downloaded) to that "Shell"  folder. (Make sure the folder isn't inside another folder.)

                  -Right click so that large Menu will appear, click Close/ Quit to close Flele
                  -Open again your Flele, right click for large Menu, go to Shell and in the listing the name of the new Shell will appear.

                   -Ta-da, a new Shell appeared, but that's not all there is to it.
                  -Most flele shells come with the Clothes/Dressup choice. The Miku shell that comes in the "Flele Miku Pack" doesn't have that option, but most others do.
                  -In the case of the "Len De Poche" shell I just downloaded, it does have that option. Just Right-click and the Large Menu will appear. Go to Clothes/Dressup.There's lots of options, just click any.
                  -Again, some shells have, some shells don't.